Trump On 154Okay+ Individuals Dying Of COVID: ‘It Is What It Is’

Donald Trump goes AWOL in new interview with Axios on HBO

In case you had been on Twitter remaining night time time, you probably caught a glimpse of a deranged new interview with the president making the rounds. President Trump sat down with interviewer Jonathan Swan for Axios on HBO and said a bunch of typical nonsensical stuff — as a result of the POTUS is wont to do — along with saying “it is what it is” when Swan requested the president what he thought of the reality that 1,000 people had died from COVID-19 that day.

“Correct now, I consider it’s beneath administration,” Trump said of the pandemic, to which Swan immediately interjected to say, “How? A thousand Persons are dying a day.”

Trump, always refusing to do one thing that will resemble empathy, point-blank said, “They’re dying, that’s true. And in addition you ha– It is what it is.” Trump then went on to say that the virus is “beneath administration” and decided that “we’ve got now carried out a unbelievable job” to sluggish the unfold of the virus, which everybody is aware of, is not true.

For the report, the ultimate six days of July observed 1000+ deaths per day and per the CDC, there have been over 154,000 COVID-19 related deaths inside the U.S. thus far.

Certainly one of many points that is so irritating with this president is that nothing he says is sensible, and whereas Swan tried his best to question the president when he would spout nonsense and regurgitate faux data, there’s not fairly a bit you’ll be able to do when the president goes AWOL in an interview. Working instance: Trump maniacally waving objects of paper spherical whereas arguing about coronavirus statistics.

“We’re lower than Europe,” Trump said whereas flapping a little bit of paper with a graph on it. “Take a look. Take a look. Correct proper right here.”

“You’re doing lack of life as a proportion of cases,” Swan clarified. “I’m talking about lack of life as a proportion of inhabitants. That’s the place the U.S. is admittedly harmful. Lots worse than South Korea, Germany, etcetera.”

To this, Trump said, “You’ll’t do this.” “Why can’t I do this?” Swan requested. “You’ve got go by…” Trump continued, throwing further papers spherical. “You need to go by the place– Look, proper right here is america– You need to go by the cases of lack of life.”

What. Does. That. Suggest!?

In case you could get by the use of that portion with out pulling your hair out and totally dying inside, wait until you hear what he said about toddler traffickers Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein.

When requested by Swan why Trump these days wished Maxwell, “successfully,” Trump went on the defensive.

“Her good buddy or boyfriend was each killed or devoted suicide in jail. She’s now in jail, yeah I would like her successfully,” Trump — who has been photographed with Maxwell on quite a lot of occasions — said whereas getting visibly flustered. “…I do need her successfully, I’m not looking for one thing harmful for her.”

Oh, and regarding the allegations of abuse and intercourse trafficking leveled in opposition to Maxwell, Trump says, “To start with, we don’t know that.”

That’s the President of america. Flapping papers spherical, not caring about people dying, and sending good must his former mates who’re accused toddler abusers. Unbelievable.

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