The GOP Hates Gays ā€” They Even Put It In Writing

I knew that Republicans aren’t pro-gay as a rule, however till not too long ago, I didn’t notice precisely how anti-gay they’re. Like, that the GOP actively, explicitly hates queer people and desires us both to not exist or to fake we don’t. Or they need us to endure. They need to break up our households, they usually need the federal authorities to explicitly state that the best way we love is unnatural and invalid.

Some might imagine it seems like I’m exaggerating, that I’m overreacting, getting too labored over some fear-mongering story pumped out by the “lamestream media.” Being homosexual is, like, completely accepted as of late — even Pew Analysis Middle says so! Based on its 2017 examine on the subject, 70% of People mentioned they imagine society ought to settle for homosexuality. Hell, even Republicans as a gaggle have come a great distance, with practically half being in favor of same-sex marriage.

So why am I making these radical claims concerning the GOP being a collective of homophobic shits? Why would I say its members need to destroy the lives of queer people? Nicely, for starters: it’s on their fucking web site. I didn’t notice this till not too long ago when a buddy pointed it out to me.

Their Republican Platform doc, created in 2016 and reaffirmed in 2020 through decision, is a 58-page assertion of the Republican imaginative and prescient for the US. It’s sponsored by the Republican Nationwide Committee and has its personal web page on the official GOP web site. Its preamble states that the platform is “a handbook for the sort of sustained development that may carry alternative to all these on the sidelines of our society.”

To these on the sidelines of our society.

Is any group in the US extra sidelined than the LGBTQ+ group? Of homeless youth, 40% are homosexual, usually resulting from familial rejection. 30% of adults who’re homeless determine as LGBTQ+. LGBTQ+ youth are 5 occasions as doubtless as heterosexual youth to aim suicide. 40% of transgender adults report having tried suicide. These tragic statistics are a direct results of the discrimination this group faces. It’s onerous to fathom being extra “sidelined” than this.

The GOP platform states that it desires to supply alternative to “these on the sidelines of our society.” And but, on web page 11 below the part “Defending Marriage Towards an Activist Judiciary,” the GOP platform states:

Conventional marriage and household, primarily based on marriage between one man and one lady, is the muse for a free society and has for millennia been entrusted with rearing youngsters and instilling cultural values. We condemn the Supreme Courtroom’s ruling in United States v. Windsor, which wrongly eliminated the power of Congress to outline marriage coverage in federal regulation. We additionally condemn the Supreme Courtroom’s lawless ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges, which within the phrases of the late Justice Antonin Scalia, was a “judicial Putsch” — filled with “foolish extravagances” — that diminished “the disciplined authorized reasoning of John Marshall and Joseph Storey to the magical aphorisms of a fortune cookie.” In Obergefell, 5 unelected legal professionals robbed 320 million People of their legit constitutional authority to outline marriage because the union of 1 man and one lady. The Courtroom twisted the that means of the Fourteenth Modification past recognition. To echo Scalia, we dissent. We, subsequently, help the appointment of justices and judges who respect the constitutional limits on their energy and respect the authority of the states to determine such basic social questions.

In addition to the truth that that is probably the most bigoted bunch of flaming donkey shit I’ve ever learn, let’s additionally deal with the bald hypocrisy on this paragraph through comparability of two sentences:

“We condemn the Supreme Courtroom’s ruling in United States v. Windsor, which wrongly eliminated the power of Congress to outline marriage coverage in federal regulation.”

“We, subsequently, help the appointment of justices and judges who respect the constitutional limits on their energy and respect the authority of the states to determine such basic social questions.”

Hey GOP, you bunch of paradoxical half-wits, learn to current an concept with out instantly contradicting yourselves. Would you like congress to have the ability to outline marriage, or not? Shall faith dictate regulation, or not? At the very least be constant together with your bigotry, for fuck’s sake.

Each time I learn this passage from the GOP platform, I take pleasure in a gleeful fantasy through which I slap each single Republican throughout the face. Sure, even family and friends members. As a result of critically, individuals, are you even paying consideration? Half of you imagine queer people ought to have the identical rights as non-queer people. And, in line with Pew Analysis Middle, over half (54%) of you additionally imagine that faith shouldn’t dictate authorities coverage. Even of evangelical protestants, arguably among the most dogmatically spiritual individuals within the U.S., 43% nonetheless suppose faith shouldn’t affect authorities coverage.

And but right here it’s, in plain English in your fucking political celebration’s playbook, that the GOP — and by extension, you — desires to overturn the Supreme Courtroom ruling that protects queer people’ constitutional proper to marry simply as you do. What within the tap-dancing fuck are you individuals on about? There are over half 1,000,000 same-sex marriages in the US, caring for and supporting 300,000 youngsters. For the celebration who claims to be pro-family, y’all certain try your damnedest to interrupt up tons of of 1000’s of households through the federal authorities whom you declare ought to not “determine such basic social questions.”

I’ve little doubt that many Republicans who’re in favor of queer rights do not know that that is what they’re supporting. However I don’t forgive this ignorance as a result of for fuck’s sake, individuals, do higher. Simply do higher. Cease blindly following. Suppose critically. Learn your personal rattling celebration’s literature and are available to phrases with the hate you’re supporting. When you agree with different components of the GOP platform however not this half, converse the hell up and alter it.

My civil rights aren’t up so that you can debate. You’ll not make flowery statements about bringing “alternative to all these on the sidelines of our society” after which sideline me by telling me that the best way I like is invalid and that I shouldn’t have the identical authorized proper to marry and luxuriate in all the advantages and protections that come together with that proper that you just do.

For my part, the worst factor an individual will be is a hypocrite. And any one in all you who claims to be in favor of equal rights for the LGBTQ+ group however concurrently helps this political celebration is a fucking hypocrite. Do higher.

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