Ted Cruz Suggests Servers Don’t Deserve An Additional $600 Of Unemployment

Ted Cruz insinuates that restaurant workers are lazy and would considerably earn cash from unemployment benefits

Ted Cruz stays one in every of many worst of us ever. The Republican senator from Texas says democrats are “shoveling cash” at workers who’re unemployed due to the pandemic and he moreover thinks restaurant workers who don’t have to return to work are lazy, instead of oh, I dunno, scared they’ll contract COVID-19 on the job and die!

As a result of the pandemic began, the federal authorities has supplied a further $600 per week on excessive of regular unemployment payouts, though that additional amount is about to run out this week. Cruz, for one, does not suppose the federal authorities must reinstate the extra unemployment benefits on account of he thinks some workers are getting paid additional on unemployment and subsequently have no incentive to return to work — which isn’t true, nonetheless I’ll get into that in a minute.

“The protection the Democrats and Nancy Pelosi are pushing supplies an additional $600 per week,” Cruz talked about in an interview with CBS’ Face The Nation. “The problem is, for 68% of people receiving it correct now, they’re being paid additional on unemployment than they fabricated from their job.”

“I’ve spoken to small enterprise householders throughout the state of Texas who’re attempting to reopen,” he continued, “they usually’re calling their waiters and waitresses, they’re calling their busboys and they also obtained’t come once more. And naturally they obtained’t come once more on account of the federal authorities is paying them in some conditions twice as so much money to stay residence.”

Couple points taking place proper right here. One, if individuals are making extra cash on pandemic unemployment than they may at their jobs, the minimal wage is simply too rattling low. Two, of us aren’t refusing to go to work on account of they’re making extra cash on unemployment, they’re refusing to return to work on account of it’s not safe! And three, just because Texas is the lawless Wild Wild West with consuming locations open for enterprise, that’s not the case in states with stricter lockdown measures like New York and California — in these states, there aren’t many reopened corporations for employees to return to even once they wanted to. Oh and but yet another issue, if a enterprise proprietor calls their employee to produce them their job once more and the employee refuses the present, the proprietor can then report that employee to their state’s unemployment office and they also may most likely lose their benefits, so actually, no Ted Cruz, workers can’t merely refuse to return to work.

The Senate’s newest stimulus bundle proposal needs to cut the $600 per week revenue to $200 per week, nonetheless as a result of the nation struggles to comprise the virus making it harder for anyone to securely return to any job, we critically hope senators like Ted Cruz get their shit collectively.

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