Miss Me With The ‘Olive Department’ Bullsh*t — We Don’t Owe Trumpers A Rattling Factor

I’ll be the primary particular person to let you know that I’m a petty-ass bitch. I’m pleased with it truly. There isn’t a approach in hell that I’m going to maintain my mouth shut proper now. After spending 4 years in abject horror at how fucking terrible Trump supporters are, I’m discovering pleasure in watching their unhappiness. I’ll wash my face with the tears of Trumpers calling for unity now. Like, you made zero try at expressing empathy for me when my life was on the road. Now I’m speculated to rub your again and let you know it’s going to be okay? I believe the fuck not. Boo fucking hoo, you may’t be brazenly racist and hateful anymore. Get me the world’s tiniest violin to play whereas I let you know to shove it. Marginalized individuals don’t owe any of y’all empathy proper now.

For the final 4 years, these individuals haven’t had a shred of empathy for these of us on the left. Calling us issues like “snowflake,” “libtard,” and worse is the precise reverse of empathy. When you will have a gaggle of individuals wishing loss of life on the information media, strapping their ammo to their vehicles and proudly sporting their purple hats to rub our oppression in our faces, you may’t name them something apart from monsters. Nobody with even an oz. of empathy of their our bodies can use any of the vitriolic language utilized by this group of individuals.

Keep in mind once they have been telling individuals to go away Barron Trump alone? Regardless that they terrorized Malia and Sasha Obama for eight years? It’s all hypocrisy. They’ve made it abundantly clear what their beliefs are.

You may’t empathize with a gaggle of people that actually need you useless. Proper earlier than the election, a photograph from my hometown, Staten Island, New York, made the rounds on social media. It’s the again of somebody’s pickup truck (such a cliché, but it surely’s cliché for a purpose) with a number of phrases painted on it. The primary one being, “If you happen to vote for Biden, I hope you die.” What the precise fuck do you do with that? Why on this planet would I ever attempt to have empathy for individuals like that? For individuals who actively want me hurt. Not even simply hurt, however loss of life. That doesn’t even start to make sense. These individuals are constantly trash and I’m speculated to be the larger particular person? When they’re those who need me to die? Make it make sense, please.

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I keep in mind these first few days after the 2016 election. Associates who leaned extra conservative have been saying issues like “recover from it,” and “he received, it’s a must to respect the workplace.” They laughed at our tears — tears we have been shedding as a result of our lifestyle was about to be destroyed. When sharing our fears for the longer term, they mocked us and dismissed us as crybabies and “pansies” and worse. They couldn’t see previous their very own privilege to start to know the place we have been coming from. Why ought to we now attempt to see their ache once they minimized ours for thus lengthy? If I used to be nonetheless associates with these asshats, I’d serve them from their very own menu. “Your man misplaced, recover from it. Joe Biden is your daddy now.” I can virtually assure they wouldn’t prefer it.

The individuals who assist Trump should have their emotions damage proper now. As a result of they’ve executed nothing however damage others’ emotions for literal years. Us calling him an oompa loompa isn’t the identical as saying Joe Biden has dementia. Mocking his propensity for ill-fitting fits and effectively executed steak isn’t the identical as when he brazenly mocked a disabled reporter on reside tv. Crowds of individuals singing “you about to lose yo’ job?” Not even near crowds chanting “lock her up.” So let’s cease pretending that what we’re doing is even in the identical orbit as true cruelty. Trump actually used his Twitter account to harass and tease local weather activist Greta Thunberg. She’s a literal baby. He’s a grown ass man. And y’all are gonna sit right here crying foul? Are you fucking kidding me?

The place was your empathy when youngsters have been being ripped away from their dad and mom and put in cages? Whereas individuals are within the streets attacking and killing trans girls? A Black man was murdered as a result of a cop kneeled on his neck for 9 fucking minutes and y’all have the audacity to be like, “fuck BLM, fuck George Floyd.” And out of the blue you need me to really feel dangerous for you as a result of your white supremacist Cheeto-in-charge misplaced? Miss me all the way in which with that shit. You’re all afraid of what, paying extra taxes for those who’re wealthy? Of ladies having the ability to have an abortion? Are your emotions damage as a result of your racist asses acquired uncovered and now you may’t disguise? Is that what you’re crying about?

Let’s make one factor clear. Joe Biden and the Democratic celebration should play this olive department bullshit. Regardless that they shouldn’t should, given the way in which the GOP has performed soiled for 4 years. In concept, it’s their job to “unite the nation.” As a result of they know that’s the one approach they’ll try and get shit executed. Common ass individuals: girls, BIPOC, the members of the LGBTQ+ neighborhood, Muslims, Mexicans, and everybody else? We don’t owe you our empathy. We don’t owe you civility. The individuals calling for that shit delude themselves into pondering that someway they’ve earned our respect. You spent 4 years terrorizing us — you all higher get able to spend the following 4 getting all of that again.

See, right here’s the factor about empathy: it goes each methods. Hurting our emotions after which being upset once we do the identical is hypocritical. You may’t let hate spew out of your lips for 4 goddamn years and fake prefer it by no means occurred. This snowflake doesn’t forgive or overlook.

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