I’m A Christian, And I Will No Longer Solid My Vote Based mostly On The Abortion Concern Alone

I’m a center class Christian girl in my early 40s. I stay within the suburbs in a small Tennessee city and have stayed dwelling with my kids for almost 15 years. I’ve offered Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Usborne Books, and Tupperware. I’m the room mother, cheer my youngsters on from the sidelines on the weekends, and write a weblog in my spare time.

I’m a cliché.

A cliché who’s fed up of individuals considering I could be swayed by one factor, and one factor alone, in the case of politics.

Sure, I’m a Christian. Sure, I’ve devoted my life to following Christ. However I can’t vote primarily based on one subject.

I can’t be swayed by abortion and abortion alone. And I plead for my Christian brothers and sisters to not be swayed by one subject alone both.

It’s possible you’ll hear this and assume, how dare you. Do you not care in regards to the unborn? Do you not care about their proper to life?

Sure. I do care about these issues.

However that isn’t all I care about. And I’d argue that isn’t all you must care about both.

I'm A Christian, And I Will No Longer Cast My Vote Based On The Abortion Issue Alone
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In my 20s, this was my primary concern when it got here to elections. Truthfully, in some methods it was my solely concern. How do the candidates really feel about abortion? And over time, I’ve discovered I’m not the one one who appeared to focus totally on this subject. As I’ve had discussions with my Christian buddies about upcoming elections, this subject appears to hold a number of weight.

And I’m not saying it shouldn’t. However I’m saying there are an entire lot of points that it appears Christ would have cared about as effectively. The poor. The homeless. The sick. The widowed. The orphaned. The oppressed. The marginalized. The outcast.

Throughout Christ’s time on earth, He stood up for individuals who had been thought of lower than. A lot in order that those that had been in spiritual energy on the time had been blinded to who He actually was. He didn’t come using on a white horse, carrying army gear. He wasn’t of nice social standing. He didn’t come from wealth. He was the son of a carpenter. Born to a virgin. He didn’t come for conflict. He got here for peace. He didn’t lead with a sword. He led with love.

He frolicked with ladies and tax collectors. Prostitutes and adulterers. He went into the houses of the unsavory and hung out within the firm of lepers.

He was for the meek, the delicate, the brokenhearted, the harm. His ministry was not a ministry of prosperity for nations, however of unity and love.

And people are the issues I take into consideration once I vote now.

It isn’t about being Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative. Actually, I consider we’ve gotten misplaced in these titles. In some methods, we’ve allow them to outline us above all else. Once we discover out somebody votes the opposite means, we dismiss them. We cease listening. Or, we put together ourselves for an argument earlier than we’ve taken time to even hear their aspect of the story.

I'm A Christian, And I Will No Longer Cast My Vote Based On The Abortion Issue Alone

We’re hyped up. We’re nearly to the purpose of boiling. We’re able to combat. On social media feeds. In grocery retailer traces. Whereas we wait at cease indicators.

As a substitute of specializing in Christ, we’re being polarized into political classes and letting that dominate our ideas and our discussions.

I don’t declare to be a Democrat. And I don’t declare to be a Republican.

However I do declare to be a Christian.

And I’m offended that individuals assume the one factor I care about in the case of an election is whether or not or not somebody is pro-life, or pro-choice. There may be a lot extra at stake right here than that.

We live in a pandemic and individuals are dying. Our Black brothers and sisters have taken to the streets crying out for justice, for the programs that marginalize and oppress to lastly be acknowledged, and hopefully modified. Our planet wants our focus and our care extra now than ever earlier than. Persons are hungry. Persons are drained. Persons are in want.

Our nation is in want.

Possibly it’s time to shift our focus from wealth and prosperity to caring for the least of those. And that features not solely these within the womb, but in addition those that are out of it.

These are the issues I’ll take into consideration as we head into the subsequent election.

I could also be a center class, Christian, stay-at-home mother from the suburbs, however don’t you for one minute assume you’ll be able to persuade me which strategy to solid my poll primarily based on one subject and one subject alone.

That labored with me for awhile.

However not anymore.

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