Dad Says His three Sons Are ‘Uncomfortable’ By Stepsister’s Interval — LOL Okay

This stepdad thinks his stepdaughter ought to hide all proof of her interval because of it makes her stepbrothers ‘uncomfortable’

Someday, menstruation shall be normalized as a result of the natural, non-threatening, compulsory part of life that it is. Until then, people (*cough* MEN) will proceed to actually really feel attacked that vaginal bleeding exists regardless that with out it, they wouldn’t exist. Like this stepdad, who feels personally attacked by his stepdaughter’s used tampons. That she appropriately disposes of throughout the trash. Why? Because of his three Big Sons are “uncomfortable.”


In Reddit’s “Am I The Asshole” subreddit, the stepdad explains that he’s been a single dad from early on, so his three teenage sons have under no circumstances had prolonged residing experiences with a menstruating particular person. Now he lives with a model new partner and 19-year-old stepdaughter, and all the kids share one toilet. For one week a month, his three Big Sons typically come all through a used tampon throughout the toilet trash. As you do, when you stick with a menstruating particular person.

“Just some nights prior to now I went into the kitchen to grab a snack and she or he was there doing a little bit work for faculty,” he explains. “My partner had talked about that she knew she was on her interval so I took it as an opportunity to have a phrase collectively together with her. I instructed her my sons had been uncomfortable and requested her if she’d ideas inserting her used merchandise in diaper baggage or flushing them down the lavatory.”

AITA for telling my stepdaughter to stop using interval merchandise throughout the toilet she shares with my teenage sons? from r/AmItheAsshole

After he broached the subject alongside along with his partner (Large mistake. HUGE.), she did the exact issue and laughed at his face and primarily instructed him to fuck off about it.

“She laughed and instructed me it was rich coming from an individual who “sheds like a gorilla” and has produced ‘three skid marking sons’ which I believed was merely an pointless assault,” he went on. “I’ve been nothing nevertheless good to the lady and it’s hardly a comparability. My sons shouldn’t be subjected to her unhygienic merchandise if it makes them uncomfortable. She went on to lecture me about how tampons can’t be flushed and that it’s harmful for the environment if she makes use of diaper baggage for every one which I consider is solely an excuse. I referred to as her a scruff and instructed her that this was my house and that what I say goes.”

He went on and on about what an issue it is to have used tampons throughout the trash (Like, what does he want his stepdaughter to do? Evaporate them collectively together with her mystical menstrual powers?).

Fortuitously, after being appropriately schooled by all the online and his partner and stepdaughter, this dad has modified his misogynistic tune.

“UPDATE — Not even two hours after I posted this, my partner and stepdaughter gathered my sons and I and gave us a full intensive ‘durations for pricks’ course, Powerpoint and all,” he writes. “It was a hoot, they made an interactive quiz and all of the issues. My sons and I noticed a lot and apologised to my stepdaughter. Because of your enter.”

All in favor of “durations for pricks” being an official part of intercourse ed in all places, say “aye.”

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