Certain, I Really Do Care If My Mates Voted For Trump

I keep seeing this meme going spherical that’s like, “I’ll nonetheless be your good pal do you have to voted for Trump, I’ll nonetheless be your good pal do you have to voted for Biden…” and it’s making me ragey. Because of reverse to what people think about, the two are normally not the similar. Joe Biden is in no way good or supreme, nevertheless he’s a hell of somewhat so much larger. Donald Trump is a racist, misogynist, xenophobic monster. In case you nonetheless assist him after the ultimate four years of his bullshit, then guess what? I don’t should be your good pal. Because of do you have to assist that monster, you probably can’t most likely moreover care about me. Some people may not care who their buddies vote for. I’m not a form of people.

I do know that I’ve buddies who voted for Trump in 2016. And I do know I most likely have buddies who did this yr, too. One in every of them is one amongst my oldest and dearest buddies. To say that I was horrified is an understatement. From the very beginning, this man has made it clear what he stands for. If someone I do know might help that, it truly makes me question our friendship.

The nice pal that I knew for sure voted for him? We didn’t talk about for three years. I couldn’t reconcile the actual individual I knew with the one who’d do one factor so horrible. To some people, that will not seem like a dealbreaker. Nevertheless for me it is. As a Black girl who’s queer and poor, I do know this administration needs to make me a second class citizen. I am unable to affiliate with someone who even hints at feeling the similar.

I’ve always had largely white buddies. Rising up on Staten Island in NYC, it’s nearly inevitable. I do know that for a couple of of those buddies, I’m considered one of some Black buddies, and I’m always seen as a result of the “good” Black explicit individual. I am “articulate” (a phrase I hate), have a faculty diploma, and my mom and father are very present in my life and always have been. Principally, I’m the exact reverse of every Black stereotype, which makes it simple for some people to miss that I’m nonetheless Black.

Just because I’ve a stage doesn’t indicate that the problems that impact Black People don’t impact me. If a cop needs to stop me, they’re going to. They don’t give a fuck that I’m articulate or a worthwhile creator or regardless of. All they need to see is my pores and pores and skin to make a judgment title on who I am. My faculty diploma isn’t going to stop them from capturing me lifeless on the road within the occasion that they actually really feel inclined.

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As far as I do know, none of my buddies are actively racist. Nevertheless I moreover know that I’m not spherical them regularly. Just because they don’t crack a “Black” joke or mock the stereotype spherical me doesn’t indicate they don’t after I’m not spherical. I can assume they’re not using our friendship to stop completely different white people from making racist suggestions. Nevertheless I do know they’re listening to those statements. Everytime you’re buddies with white people from Staten Island, you probably can guarantee they know Trump supporters; the borough has gone pink in every 2016 and this yr. What my buddies may not discover is that silence equals compliance. You may not agree when someone makes a racist assertion, nevertheless do you have to’re not vehemently railing in opposition to them for that assertion, you is likely to be complicit.

Some people need a non-public goal to vote in opposition to Trump and each little factor he stands for. Whereas I’m on no account comfortable with the considered being someone’s token Black good pal, I hope they do have in mind me when passionate about these causes. We should want a better and safer nation for our members of the family. Whether or not or not people have to admit it or not, the president is a white supremacist. His refusal to disavow white supremacy on various occasions is a big indicator of the place his loyalties lie. By the presidential debates he knowledgeable the Proud Boys, a well known group of white supremacists to “stand down, and stand by.” Like, this man is on the lookout for a fucking race warfare. I’m Black. How can I preserve buddies with someone who helps that?

Supporting Donald Trump for any problem, be it abortion or taxes, means supporting him on all the issues. He is one man, and he’s in price. So for my buddies who vote for him because of they want lower taxes, you’re taking your extra money with a side of racism. I’m not a practising Muslim, nevertheless I’ve an Arabic title. So how do I do know that I’d be safe if he ever started rounding Muslims up? I don’t. And do you have to assist his anti-abortion stance, you’re moreover allowing his xenophobia.

And permit us to not overlook that he simply these days packed the Supreme Courtroom with conservative judges. Apart from wanting to overturn Roe v. Wade, they should overturn marriage equality. I’ve acknowledged I was queer since I was a tween. And after lastly coming out publicly in 2017, I’ve utterly been in relationships with women. Correct sooner than the pandemic, I met the girl of my needs and fell in love. We’re planning to get married subsequent yr, hopefully. Our concern is that we don’t get to have a licensed marriage which can further complicate points for our family. I’ve pal who admitted that whereas she voted for Biden, her husband voted for Trump. Once we now have our wedding ceremony, you probably can wager your ass he’s not invited. You can’t say you’re blissful for me whereas voting to have my rights taken away.

None of my buddies know in regards to the anxiousness I’ve had this entire election. Seeing them sharing footage of themselves voting and by no means saying something. “Did they vote for Trump?” is a question swirling spherical in my thoughts every time I see it. Because of they aren’t vocal about who they’re supporting for the least bit. I have to think about that they’re doing the suitable issue, perception me. Nevertheless with out an overt indication, I’ve no various nevertheless to suppose the worst. You could think about that people who say they love you gained’t vote to take your rights away. Nonetheless, people are people. And the laborious reality is that white people sometimes vote of their non-public best curiosity.

four years prior to now, I am going to have had grace for buddies who voted for Trump. Now? Utterly not. In the event you already know the priority of the marginalized and nonetheless voted for that monster, you’re no good pal of mine. Fool me as quickly as, shame on you. Do it as soon as extra? GTFO.

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